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Saimex s.r.l. is specialised in the pultrusion process and production of pultruded bars and profiles made of fiberglass composite material.Pultrusion is a special process that guarantees a manufactured object’s repeatability and the perfect reproducibility.

The materials that can be subject to this process are made of organic resins which are reinforced with fiberglass or carbon fibres and have important structural features – they are corrosion resistant and excellent thermal and electrical insulators. Pultruded profiles are used in various industrial production areas and are particularly suitable for the transport sector, building, chemical andoilSaimex s.r.l. is active in Italy and abroad and carried out engineering works entirely made of fiberglass pultruded profiles which comply with the EN UNI Standard 13706.


Working method

Flexibility and customer care

An internal quality system which is able to codify all order processes

Global solutions and materials seeking

Prototypes and samples making


Who we work for

Our target markets are manifold:

rail and transport, construction industry, chemical plants and water treatment, mechanical industry, wind energy, marine industry.




Research and University

Saimex actively collaborates with universities in the field of research on composite materials for structural use.

We have sponsored conferences and publications for the University IUAV of Venezia and Politecnico di Milano



We work with a technical team specialized in civil engineering for the construction of light structures, as an alternative to steel structures.

We are able to assist the customer from the project and the calculation report up to the shop drawing.


Structural pultruded profiles

Saimex s.r.l. is specialised in the production of high and medium load structural pultruded profiles. Due to their lightness and durability, the fiberglass and carbon fibre pultruded profiles are a valid alternative to steel.

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IPE double flange

Saimex s.r.l. produces double flange fiberglass profiles. The special "double t" shape allows mechanical characteristics of a structural pultrusion profile to be developed and to use it in different production sectors.

Decksystem Plank

The Decksystem consists of light pultruded structural planks. This provides lightness and resistance, it is used in the building sector for the construction of pedestrian and self-supporting walkways, industrial paving and for chemical plant maintenance coverings.

Why use pultrusion technology?

  • It's very lightweight
  • It has a high resistance to corrosion
  • It's an insulator of heat and electricity
  • Works in temperatures from -40° C to +180° C
  • It's self-extinguishing
  • It's  soundproofing
  • It does not need any maintenance
  • It has extremely high mechanical resistance
  • Can be accomplished in many sections and colors

Tensile strength and traction