Pultruded profiles and relative construction applications

Fiberglass pultruded elements are strong and light and can be used in the building and construction sector for structural and aesthetic purposes. The resin fibre gives the profiles important characteristics that can be modified by working on the compounds to obtain higher mechanical performance.

Pultruded elements in the building sector

In the building sector, we often find ourselves operating in non-optimal environmental situations. In these contexts, structural elements are necessary to guarantee high performance in terms of load-bearing capacity and resistance to particularly aggressive agents. Composite fibreglass profiles have these characteristics.

Pultruded profiles, unlike metal profiles, are unaffected by corrosion and do not require maintenance when installed in marine areas or when used for the construction of water treatment systems.

Saimex s.r.l. is specialised in the production of self-supporting pultruded panels which, due to their resistance and lightness, are used for the construction of bridge decks on cycle-pedestrian bridges and walkways. One example is the bridge installed in Prato (Via Allende, at the intersection with via Cava) which has a supporting structure fully built from pultruded profiles reinforced with fiberglass. 

The production of sheet piles for the building sector, are made of composite material which, unlike steel, guarantee: lightness, low transport costs, resistance to water, rust and corrosion, with no maintenance costs and elastic qualities that prevent it from deforming.

Choose the fiberglass pultruded profiles and entrust us with the implementation of your projects.

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