In the light of enhancing its corporate social responsibility, every year Saimex chooses to fund a project, to find an association or a charity, to whom its economic contribution can be devoted.

A strong and key voluntary commitment aimed at defining the role of Saimex within its territorial community, where it operates and develops its activities; a task for dealing not only with the economic aspect, but also with promotion and social support.

In this regard, Saimex concentrates itself on the weakest: the children and the very young. It takes care of the most difficult situations, it chooses those organizations which address youth issues every day and are able to take concrete actions. For this reason the funds have been allocated to two different locations for two consecutive years, where, in both cases, children and young people with great family problems can have the possibility of being welcome and followed with love, while waiting for more appropriate solutions, in order to cope with their troubles.

This year the grant has been given to the halfway house ‘Mamma Orsa’ (Mama Bear) of Cermenate near Como. Saimax offered its economic support to their activities. Here a married couple, professional educators, welcome minors, mainly from 0 to 8 years, without adequate family support.

Last year Saimex decided to helpL’Opera Don Guanella’ (Foundation Don Guanella) of Como, which takes care of supporting young people who are without a home or haven’t any family. In case of child abandonment or difficult family conditions which can’t be solved and are severe, when nobody takes care of young people, the staff of educators and the volunteers of the Divine Providence House take care of them and grow them up like a real family.

Game is important for a proper socialization and, therefore, ‘l’Opera Don Guanella’ has asked for a donation to finish a games room for young people. Saimex acceded to the request enthusiastically and convinced that this will make a significant contribution to wellness for their younger guests. Practical gestures filled with great pride: the company is determined to continue with solidarity projects for as long as possible.


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