Saimex s.r.l. has its registered offices in the municipality of Seregno, the Italian province of Monza e Brianza and specialises in the manufacture of high and medium strength structural pultruded profiles. Components of this kind are now considered to be more ideal and cost-effective than steel and are preferable to steel in certain industrial areas. Specifically, this method is based on a continuous process of manufacturing composite materials reinforced with glass or carbon fibres. It involves the extrusion of constant cross-sectional and complex profiles pulled through a closed die where the resin undergoes polymerisation, to obtain profiles that provide better guarantees than steel and stainless-steel profiles in certain fields of application. Several benefits can be obtained, including customisation and, subsequently, the repeatability and reproducibility of each product.  Moreover, despite the slow machining and manufacturing process, less energy is required for this than to make the same profiles in aluminium.

Many years of experience and specific expertise in the pultrusion process have enabled the Brianza-based company to stand out in terms of the use of cutting-edge structural elements, which offer higher performance and resistance standards than those generally provided by traditional materials. We have a staff of highly competent civil engineers working in our innovative testing facilities who specialise in research into composite materials. They can develop and offer the most innovative solutions aimed at:

  • improving the performance of pultruded bars, profiles, sheet piles, IPE double flange beams and the Decksystem Plank panels that we manufacture;
  • identifying and testing new composite materials and new fibres;
  • exploring the characteristics of the materials and testing their resistance thresholds

Our wide range of proposals has made it possible for us to forge associations and partnerships with transport and public transit companies in Italy and abroad that are looking for products to boost the reliability and safety of their vehicles and trains. This is exactly what our fibreglass pultruded parts provide, with the additional guarantee of electrical insulation. We also work with the building industry for the supply of rainscreen cladding and curtain walls, where the fibreglass pultrusions assure thermal insulation.

In addition to our comprehensive range of products, we have also succeeded in consolidating our position across national borders, establishing ourselves in countries such as the United States through the supply of assembly components to the Los Angeles metro trains.

Still, the Saimex s.r.l mission is also to disseminate the results of our research throughout the academic field.

From the outset, the quality of our solutions triggered the approval of a growing number of customers who approached us because they recognise our professionalism and dedication to the processing methods adopted.

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