The oil sector is a field where it is possible to put very interesting technical innovations in the foreground, exceeding traditional materials in quality which are outdated from the point of view of qualitative performances and service life.

How to innovate? Making use of pultruted profiles and fiberglass gratingsis a valid solution in this regard. Speaking about their role within the oil sector means considering a fundamental aspect in relation to sustainability of naval engineering feats that, since when pultruted profiles and fiberglass gratings began to be successful on the market, have been involved in a turning point with regard to resistance against corrosive agents, resistance against corrosive agents, ease of handling on a construction site and resistance against corrosive agents.

Before going into the details, it is useful to remember that fiberglass gratingsare particularly suitable not only for oil platforms, but also for desalination plants. These cases are connected to situations in which the excessive influence of corrosive agents makes difficult, if not impossible, the use of metallic materials.

Therefore, pultruted fiberglass gratings have become a very valid solution to overcome obstacles and save considerably from the point of view of maintenance costs. This implies an expenditure optimization.

When dealing with extremely high load capacities – in general higher than 2,000 kg – is necessary to make reference to fiberglass gratings,whose composition is characterized by a percentage of fiberglass equivalent or higher to 70%.

In this case it is possible to appreciate benefits not only from the point of view of resistance, but also with regard to handling, which is decidedly easier than with what it is possible to find out when dealing with metallic materials.

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