When designing windows and doors it is necessary to take into account various details. Among them, fire resistance is included. Safety is no longer considered as a less important aspect when designing the details of the dwelling, The only reason why it is becoming widespread the choice of fiberglass standard profiles, a solution that ensures a good result compared to that of steel.

This applies to many cases. Fiberglass standard profiles are a very valid option, as far as aesthetics and thermal insulation– is essential to obtain CasaClima certifications– as well as fire resistance are concerned.

This aspect is essential when it comes to construction quality, the reason why it is so important to inquire about precise technical data concerning fiberglass standard profiles and fire resistance.

In this regard it is worth remembering that fiberglass pultruded standard profiles are considered to be ASTM 84 UL<25fireproof products. This technical data helps us to get a complete picture on pultruded and fiberglass standard profiles as a choice allowing to make a qualitative leap compared to steel solutions that still dominate many alternatives for designers.

However, it is important to take a first step and change things, remembering that fiberglass pultruded profiles can be both standard and personalized ones with non-slip finish, which does not change their fire resistance in any way.

Besides lightness and the fact that, unlike steel, the installation of fiberglass standard profiles do not need a double and triple chamber, the aspect of aesthetic customization is very interesting, as well.

Fire-resistant fiberglass standard profiles – however, very important  – is, therefore, only one of many benefits given by the use of a sustainable and efficient solution which is perfect for windows and doors intended to last a long time and able to ensure maximum comfort.

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