When designing windows and doors it is necessary to take into account various details. Among them, fire resistance is included. Safety is no longer considered as a less important aspect when designing the details of the dwelling, The only reason why it is becoming widespread the choice of fiberglass standard profiles, a solution that ensures a good result compared to that of steel.

This applies to many cases. Fiberglass standard profiles are a very valid option, as far as aesthetics and thermal insulation– is essential to obtain CasaClima certifications– as well as fire resistance are concerned.

This aspect is essential when it comes to construction quality, the reason why it is so important to inquire about precise technical data concerning fiberglass standard profiles and fire resistance.

In this regard it is worth remembering that fiberglass pultruded standard profiles are considered to be ASTM 84 UL<25fireproof products. This technical data helps us to get a complete picture on pultruded and fiberglass standard profiles as a choice allowing to make a qualitative leap compared to steel solutions that still dominate many alternatives for designers.

However, it is important to take a first step and change things, remembering that fiberglass pultruded profiles can be both standard and personalized ones with non-slip finish, which does not change their fire resistance in any way.

Besides lightness and the fact that, unlike steel, the installation of fiberglass standard profiles do not need a double and triple chamber, the aspect of aesthetic customization is very interesting, as well.

Fire-resistant fiberglass standard profiles – however, very important  – is, therefore, only one of many benefits given by the use of a sustainable and efficient solution which is perfect for windows and doors intended to last a long time and able to ensure maximum comfort.

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Pultruded sheet piles represent a very innovative solution for designers working in the construction and mechanical field, so that it was possible to overcome the natural limit of steel, a traditional material that is now outdated, such as the construction of aesthetic barriers.

Why? Because technology that enables the production of pultruded sheet piles can satisfy different types of requirements and complete the achievements, offering the possibility to save costs in a consistent manner.

Pultruded sheet piles can be produced in different models. In all cases, as described above, it is possible to exceed considerably the performance of steel with regard to resistance against corrosive agents – which translates into significant savings from the point of view of costs – but also to lightness and resistance.

At this point we have to go into the details on different types of pultruded sheet piles. It is also possible to build sheet pilesintended to large bearing capacities. These options arise with the specific purpose of replacing sheet pilesmade of iron and they are in this case characterized by many advantages, taking into account the aspects mentioned above, but also the possibility to choose colours. This is very interesting, when speaking about aesthetic barriers that should harmonize with the surrounding environment.

There is also a solution for low bearing capacities; this option arises with the specific purpose of replacing sheet pilesmade of wood or PVC. In this case the specific purpose is the production of aesthetic barriers.

These pultruded sheet piles are usually used for insertions up to 6 meters. In all these cases it is possible to appreciate a special lightness – pultruded sheet piles weigh five times less than those of steel – allowing an excellent handling on a construction site.

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Pultruded fiberglass sills represent a very innovative solution in the building sector. When choosing windows and doors, for example, it is necessary to ensure an extremely long life cycle to the structure and, above all, guarantee an excellent level of thermal insulation for the indoor environment.

Pultruded fiberglass sills are also characterized by another feature, that it is to say the possibility of being provided with a smooth finish, a very advantageous option from the aesthetic point of view. Thanks to pultruded fiberglass sills it is possible to reconcile different aspects that have become indispensable in the buildings sector.

The users do not only search for an optimal efficiency from a sustainable point of view, but also keep an eye open to the aesthetic appearance, in order to create a harmony between a window and door or a facade and the indoor environment.

All this is possible thanks to the presence of different colours. This aspect, combined with the fact that profiles are more reduced than those made of aluminium, provides a really interesting aesthetic result that can adapt to different indoor solutions, so that the final user can live comfortably in your house, paying attention to aesthetics that makes your home a pleasant place to live in.

The possibility of choosing among pultruded fiberglass sills with smooth finish– products which have a very different application range compared to sills provided with non-slip finish – is another advantage offered compared to aluminium that implies greater maintenance and an aesthetics which is, in the case of windows and doors, significantly more bulky than as it occurs with pultruded sills.

This happens for the simple fact that a double or triple chamber is not required with fibreglass pultruded profiles.

And ultimately their application is fully customizable and guarantees a perfect result for windows and doors and facades to the final user in line with the most innovative sustainability standards.

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The pultruded fiberglass rough sills are configured as a very interesting technical solution for residential buildings. The use of pultruded products and composite materials allows for a high level of customization, as regards the possibility of using rough sills.

When there aren’t any special needs for anti-slip performance – this can happen when the window frame of a sliding patio door shall be installed and make sure it doesn’t slip – it’s possible to use pultruded fiberglass rough sills, but they are certainly not inferior in quality than pultruded smooth and anti-slip sills and are mounted at the same level of patio doors.

These solutions are indeed the result of the manufacturing process that leads to very interesting results, characterized by thermal insulation – pultruded fiberglass rough sills, also for this reason, can be used for windows and doors for residential buildings and not only – soundproofing and high mechanical resistance.

Furthermore pultruded fiberglass rough sills ensure a significantly lower maintenance than that the aluminum requires.

Another important advantage concerning the use of pultruded rough sills is given by aesthetics. Thanks to the lack of a double and triple chamber it’s possible to appreciate an unthinkable aluminium lightness making pultruded fiberglass sills – also the rough ones – best suited for applications in the building sector.

Other aesthetic and economic advantages offered by pultruded fiberglass rough sills do not require coatings, since they are applied thanks to a process generating pulp colouring.

In compliance with the European standard EN UNI 13706, pultruded fiberglass rough sills represent a very interesting sustainable solution, allowing entrepreneurs, private individuals and institutions to keep sustainability at the forefront. Today, this is an increasingly central aspect that can influence product quality and duration over time.

All this is possible thanks to pultruded fiberglass rough sills and find out all the advantages offered by guides produced to last over time, reaching the best performance.

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Choosing fiberglass pultruded sheet piles is a very interesting advantage for designers who can appreciate  a decisive improvement compared to steel performances, thanks to materials like fiberglass.

When we talk about fiberglass pultruded sheet piles is possible to include the corrosion resistance among their advantages. Several international studies have given clear evidence of it: fiberglass sheet piles are characterized by a higher strength to corrosive action of atmospheric agents and a lightness five times lower compared to steel.

Resistance to corrosion and lightness are two factors that have allowed many designers to replace steel sheet piles with fiberglass pultruded sheet piles. Today, things have obviously changed both in Italy and abroad: awareness about sheet piles produced by pultrusion process is widespread and fiberglass sheet piles have already been installed in different construction sites, so that it is possible to have substantial cost savings in the long term thanks to their above specified technical features.

For this reason companies specialized in producing fiberglass pultruded sheet piles have specialized in the production of various solutions, which are resistant to corrosion and characterized by lightness and an inconceivable steel resistance.

In fact there are sheet piles made ad hoc to replace those made of iron and intended to large bearing capacities. Fiberglass pultruded sheet piles, which may be produced by customized colours, are also used to build aesthetics barriers.

In this case, as already specified, it is necessary to combine aesthetic requirements, a reachable result, because it is possible to colour sheet piles with different shades, with the need for long-life materials, a peculiarity strongly linked to corrosion resistance.

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Producing grates in large sizes in the best possible way, it means taking into account the use of materials other than steel. There are certainly many advantages of using steel, but far fewer than those found thanks to the use of fiberglass.

Molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish represent a solution which is becoming increasingly central among designers choices. Why? First of all, because fiberglass is a material resistant to the atmospheric agents and to acid and base attacks. This makes the choice of molded fiberglass gratings – perfectly tailor-made – a congenial option, when it comes to produce grates exposed to the outside for the most part of their extension.

Another advantage of this choice on molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish concerns the fact that fiberglass, though it is very light in weight, is able to withstand high load capacities that may reach about 50 quintals.

Due to its lower relative density, it is definitely stronger than steel at equal weight. We previously have referred to as moulding process represents the perfect solution for those who would like to have a perfect production according to their needs, with the possibility of customizing the end product and making it economically advantageous from the point of view of immediate costs and sustainable in the long term. Fiberglass, as already specified, is extremely resistant to corrosion and has become synonymous with a longer useful life of products.

Ease of assembly, lightness of the entire structure, long-term maintenance savings: these and many other benefits of molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish, sustainable and technically advanced solutions for grates in large sizes that can be produced with a technical perfection, which is unthinkable by steel.

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The lightness of fiberglass pultruded sheet piles has long been known. People facing everyday problematic issues related to job as a designer know perfectly how it is important that efficiency and cost benefits are reconciled.

When you think about the installation of structural components of significant sizes, such as sheet piles, this could become difficult, unless the choice is oriented towards technically innovative solutions like fiberglass pultruded sheet piles.

Fortunately, this option has gained ground against sheet pilesmade of reinforced concrete, PVC and steel in the last few years. What are the main advantages of choosing fiberglass pultruded sheet piles? The main aspect to consider is lightness in these cases.

Indeed, fiberglass sheet piles weigh about five times less than steel. The arithmetic is quite simple: choosing fiberglass sheet piles for their own projects, it means making room for substantial cost savings both for transportation in construction sites and on site handling.

All this without sacrificing anything with regard to quality and resistance. The advantages of pultruded sheet piles are not restricted to lightness, a very important peculiarity.

But it must not be forgotten the fact that the use of fiberglass has become synonymous with anti-corrosion and that sheet piles produced thanks to a pultrusion process are easy to work with also in a construction site, so that steps to be undertaken before installation are much more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the aesthetic aspect should not be overlooked. Fiberglass pultruded sheet piles – apart from being much lighter than steel – can be produced with different colours. This offers a great advantage to integrate the installation with the surrounding environment.

It is also possible to customize fiberglass pultruded sheet piles, producing them with the aim of replacing those made of iron or PVC, according to the needs.



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Today pultruded fiberglass sills represent an innovative and cost-effective solution for private buildings and not only. The reasons which have determined their merited success are several and also involve the thermal insulation, a typical property of composite materials.

This is an aspect which should not be overlooked within comfortable built environments, but also as far as the value of the property is concerned, where there are windows and doors with pultruded fiberglass sills, a choice that contributes to obtain CasaClima certifications: this is a guarantee to environmental sustainability of buildings.

The pultruded fiberglass sills allow to appreciate a significantly higher thermal insulation than aluminium, a metal with which we produce profiles that have greater physical dimensions and need more treatments to optimize the lifespan of windows and doors.

If you also consider that pultruded sills do not require any maintenance and do not need a double and triple chamber to obtain an optimal thermal insulation, you’ll quickly understand that if you choose them a number of advantages are offered from a practical point of view, but also from the aesthetic one: two fundamental aspects for the end user.

Thanks to pultruded fiberglass sills is possible to obtain an excellent conciliation between the energy saving, living comfort, lifespan of the product and final aesthetics.

In this respect it is recalled that the importance of thermal insulation, referred to as the central criterion for different realities where pultruded sills are installed in different contexts, offers a really interesting picture of the situation.

All this is a sign of changed times in relation to the awareness of the value of sustainable constructions, an excellence in this sector that has still a lot to say about to those who want to find out the advantages thanks to products, such as pultruded fiberglass sills.


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The production of windows and doors is very important when designing a house. Aesthetics and usability should be put in the foreground and fulfil their aim is necessary to find the right solutions from a technical point of view, such as for example the pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish.

The use of pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish is particularly suitable for sliding windows and doors of large sizes. Thanks to composite materials produced by the pultrusion process is possible to provide a very interesting and even smoother aesthetic aspect compared to that of aluminium which requires a double or triple chamber.

The advantage of pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish is not limited to this aspect. We also remember the need for a little maintenance, which however does not happen with aluminium.

The pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish represent a congenial solution, above all in living environments with windows exposed to the atmospheric agents. This means that, for example, pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish can be a very good alternative for sliding windows and doors facing the garden to open them without criticality risks in case of rain or snow.

Therefore, choosing pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish constitutes an advantageous alternative first of all from the usability point of view , very important for indoor environments made on a human scale and able to ensure maximum comfort.

Secondly, it is possible to save time and money thanks to low maintenance requirements. This is essential for living space management.

Choosing pultruded fiberglass sills with non-slip finish, the value of a dwelling depends greatly on details, such as sills for windows and doors, and it can become even more sustainable – these are solutions that provide thermal insulation – and aesthetically valuable.

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Pultruded fiberglass sills represent a most viable solution for civil construction and not only. By now, energy savings serve as an essential reference point for all sectors, the reason why choosing pultruded fiberglass sills confers additional advantage, it also involves living comfort, as well as the efficiency of industrial buildings.

Pultruded fiberglass sills are an excellent solution in both cases, first of all, because they are resistant to atmospheric agents. The comparison with metal elements leave no doubt: fiberglass sills are resistant to greater numbers of atmospheric agents.

Just think about the fact that fiberglass is a material both resistant to acids and bases, but also to high temperatures. In this way pultruded sills are even more congenial in the context of industrial applications.

It is extremely important to remember that pultruded fiberglass sills are resistant to corrosion processes which are typical of stray currents and have an effect on keeping alive aluminium sills. As far as data on aging are concerned, studies have been conducted in fiberglass sills for more than thirty years.

The results have revealed that aging is considered minimum for sills made of pultruded fiberglass.

Another outstanding feature for pultruded fiberglass sills concerns the fact that no maintenance is required. By virtue of an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents it can be said with certainty that the use of pultruded fiberglass sills for industrial applications and others do not compel to carry out external and internal periodic painting operations.

The peculiarity of reduced weight provides a whole range of benefits associated with their use, which is still more performing thanks to a greater ease that can be found during handling operations.

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