The lightness of fiberglass pultruded sheet piles has long been known. People facing everyday problematic issues related to job as a designer know perfectly how it is important that efficiency and cost benefits are reconciled.

When you think about the installation of structural components of significant sizes, such as sheet piles, this could become difficult, unless the choice is oriented towards technically innovative solutions like fiberglass pultruded sheet piles.

Fortunately, this option has gained ground against sheet pilesmade of reinforced concrete, PVC and steel in the last few years. What are the main advantages of choosing fiberglass pultruded sheet piles? The main aspect to consider is lightness in these cases.

Indeed, fiberglass sheet piles weigh about five times less than steel. The arithmetic is quite simple: choosing fiberglass sheet piles for their own projects, it means making room for substantial cost savings both for transportation in construction sites and on site handling.

All this without sacrificing anything with regard to quality and resistance. The advantages of pultruded sheet piles are not restricted to lightness, a very important peculiarity.

But it must not be forgotten the fact that the use of fiberglass has become synonymous with anti-corrosion and that sheet piles produced thanks to a pultrusion process are easy to work with also in a construction site, so that steps to be undertaken before installation are much more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the aesthetic aspect should not be overlooked. Fiberglass pultruded sheet piles – apart from being much lighter than steel – can be produced with different colours. This offers a great advantage to integrate the installation with the surrounding environment.

It is also possible to customize fiberglass pultruded sheet piles, producing them with the aim of replacing those made of iron or PVC, according to the needs.



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