Producing grates in large sizes in the best possible way, it means taking into account the use of materials other than steel. There are certainly many advantages of using steel, but far fewer than those found thanks to the use of fiberglass.

Molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish represent a solution which is becoming increasingly central among designers choices. Why? First of all, because fiberglass is a material resistant to the atmospheric agents and to acid and base attacks. This makes the choice of molded fiberglass gratings – perfectly tailor-made – a congenial option, when it comes to produce grates exposed to the outside for the most part of their extension.

Another advantage of this choice on molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish concerns the fact that fiberglass, though it is very light in weight, is able to withstand high load capacities that may reach about 50 quintals.

Due to its lower relative density, it is definitely stronger than steel at equal weight. We previously have referred to as moulding process represents the perfect solution for those who would like to have a perfect production according to their needs, with the possibility of customizing the end product and making it economically advantageous from the point of view of immediate costs and sustainable in the long term. Fiberglass, as already specified, is extremely resistant to corrosion and has become synonymous with a longer useful life of products.

Ease of assembly, lightness of the entire structure, long-term maintenance savings: these and many other benefits of molded fiberglass gratings with non-slip finish, sustainable and technically advanced solutions for grates in large sizes that can be produced with a technical perfection, which is unthinkable by steel.

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