Pultruded sheet piles represent a very innovative solution for designers working in the construction and mechanical field, so that it was possible to overcome the natural limit of steel, a traditional material that is now outdated, such as the construction of aesthetic barriers.

Why? Because technology that enables the production of pultruded sheet piles can satisfy different types of requirements and complete the achievements, offering the possibility to save costs in a consistent manner.

Pultruded sheet piles can be produced in different models. In all cases, as described above, it is possible to exceed considerably the performance of steel with regard to resistance against corrosive agents – which translates into significant savings from the point of view of costs – but also to lightness and resistance.

At this point we have to go into the details on different types of pultruded sheet piles. It is also possible to build sheet pilesintended to large bearing capacities. These options arise with the specific purpose of replacing sheet pilesmade of iron and they are in this case characterized by many advantages, taking into account the aspects mentioned above, but also the possibility to choose colours. This is very interesting, when speaking about aesthetic barriers that should harmonize with the surrounding environment.

There is also a solution for low bearing capacities; this option arises with the specific purpose of replacing sheet pilesmade of wood or PVC. In this case the specific purpose is the production of aesthetic barriers.

These pultruded sheet piles are usually used for insertions up to 6 meters. In all these cases it is possible to appreciate a special lightness – pultruded sheet piles weigh five times less than those of steel – allowing an excellent handling on a construction site.

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