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Thanks to the new production set-up, we are able to offer you a special discount on our fibreglass gratings on an exclusive basis.

As of today, 5 June 2023, discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% on our list prices will apply.

Fiberglass gratings by Saimex:

  • Resistance to high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and impact
  • Insulating properties
  • Light weight
  • Structural properties similar to those of steel
  • Ability to support high loads

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In recent years, the features of composite materials and their manufacturing processes have undergone considerable development to obtain structural products and to investigate the sectors and application fields where they can be used. One manufacturing process which gave the best performance results is pultrusion.


Pultrusion is a continuous process of composite materials reinforced with fibreglass or carbon fibre. Consist in the extrusion of profiles with a constant cross-section which is continuously pulled in a closed mould polymerisation. The pultrusion process produces profiles that sometimes give greater guarantees than those made of steel and stainless steel.

The process is developed in three fundamental steps:

  • The reinforcement fibres are carefully positioned in a pre-mould according to the structural requirements of the final pultruded profile;
  • The fibres are impregnated in an open tank and then carried to a precision steel mould. The fibres can be impregnated directly in the closed mould using a direct injection system;
  • The mould is heated using a computerised system which controls the polymerisation process and monitors the advance speed of the pultruded material;
  • The profile comes out of the mould and is ready for cutting.

The reinforcement fibres are arranged longitudinally and are made up of complex roving systems and glass or carbon or Kevlar fibres. They make up about 70% of the profile and determine its tensile and flexural strength.

Pultrusion features and advantages

The pultrusion process guarantees the customisation and the repeatability and perfect reproducibility of each product. Although the manufacturing process is still quite slow, the energy consumption required is lower than that required to produce the same aluminium profiles.

Fiberglass pultruded and carbon profiles are environmentally friendly, resistant to rust and corrosion and once implanted in soils or near groundwater they do not release toxic substances.

If you want to learn more about the features of this working process, contact us and we will lead you to the discovery of pultrusion and pultruded profiles in fiberglass and carbon fibre.

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Fibra creates effects of blades of light on the façade and shows off a translucent finish through the use of special resins, able to create bright and appealing optical effects, breaking down the material and transforming façade portions into real lamps.

It also gives elegance to architectural works and combines aesthetic and innovative solutions with high-performing and functional systems.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to receive a quotation.

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The FIBRA deck system, consisting of interlocking pultruded staves reinforced with glass or carbon fibres, is used in the railway industry for the construction of pedestrian areas of bridges, self-supporting walkways and floors for chemical plants.

What are the advantages?

  • Excellent durability over time
  • Faster assembly times compared to traditional materials
  • Resistance to corrosion and water
  • Ultra-lightness
  • Easy workability and maintenance-free
  • Excellent thermal insulation

We also produce an anti-slip version to improve walking.

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FIBRA profiles by Saimex win out over profiles made of steel, aluminium, PVC and other materials under special conditions. The uses of FIBRA in the railway sector are for electrical cable ducts, handrails, electrically insulated walkways, gratings, posts, brackets, trusses and panelling.

In the railway sector, it is widely used thanks to its features:

  • easy workability and maintenance-free
  • ultra-lightness and tensile strength
  • resistance to corrosion and moisture
  • electrical, fire and smoke resistance

We also offer an additional cutting, mechanical machining and painting service.

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It is people, their skills and their dedication that determine the value of a company, which is why Saimex decided to organise three days dedicated to playful, experiential and educational activities that confronted the team with the need to overcome obstacles, to challenge themselves and to find an optimal combination of resources within themselves.

It was a different experience than usual, allowing us to understand that collaboration leads to the achievement of great goals“, “three meetings focused on different topics that strengthened team spirit” said some of the Saimex employees.

The teambuilding was an important opportunity to share values, visions and strengths, which have contributed to the group’s steady growth aimed at ensuring the best for our clients. 

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We are an Italian company specialised in the design and production of fibreglass thresholds. We also have 5-axis CNC machines capable of handling profiles up to 7 metres long and cutting, trimming and drilling operations.

The window and door industry is increasingly looking for innovative materials that guarantee thermal break and structural capacity, but without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our FIBRA thresholds, manufactured by extrusion process, have the following characteristics:


Discover the variety of thresholds we produce here on our website or write us at

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Saimex Srl is pleased to announce that our product “Fibra Facade – Fibra in Oslo Deichman Library” has received this year’s Architizer A+Product finalist award in the “Best of the Year Innovation category”!

Architizer A+Awards is the largest competition focused on promoting and celebrating the best architecture and products of the year. It is the most important architecture award internationally, and for that reason it is an important recognition for us for our constant efforts and continuous research.

As winners of the “Architizer A+Product finalist” award, our product, FIBRA FACADE – Fiber in Oslo Deichman Library, will be represented in the Architizer A+Product Awards eBook, a digital resource available to all architects internationally.

We are proud and honored to be able to share this important milestone with you, which we hope will be just the first of many others we will celebrate together!

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The Saimex Srl company specializes in the production and sale of structural profiles in composite material – Wood Fiber and Glass Fiber – and in particular in the production of THRESHOLDS and parts of windows in FIBERGLASS, exploiting the properties of the material of thermal insulation (lambda value (λ) = 0.25) and resistance to loads up to 1000 kg.

Saimex profiles, thanks to their insulating structure due to the composite material they are made of and the thermal break, are used as thresholds for tile-and-slide systems and as structural parts of windows and doors.

We are one of the leading manufacturer companies of GLASS FIBRE THRESHOLDS for WINDOWS for the most important European brands.


Among the main features of Saimex fiberglass THRESHOLDS:

• Thermal insulation

• Mechanical properties comparable to steel

• 100% waterproof

• Total absence of maintenance; since Saimex thermal break windows and doors are resistant to the outside, it guarantees less maintenance costs on the final product.

• High resistance to corrosion and sea water

• Resistance to salt mists

• Anti-condensation

With Saimex fiberglass profiles it is also possible to prevent or eliminate thermal bridges.


The company Saimex srl is also highly specialized in the realization of COMPLEX SECTIONS AND CUSTOM PROFILES, and we will be happy to give you support with your projects.

Saimex s.r.l. has in fact a technical office always available to listen and meet your needs. Our team of engineers has a long experience in the design and structural calculation of fiberglass profiles for windows and thresholds for sliding windows.

We have also developed a type of smooth surface finish that does not require further coating, or the application of a protective film and we offer the possibility to choose from a wide range of RAL colors and metallic colors.


Thanks to the thermal properties of composite materials, the doors, windows and thresholds for tile-and-slide systems in fiberglass are important for the energy insulation of homes and buildings and for the Casaklima project which allows buildings to save energy (by reducing consumption) and economical to sustain themselves.

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Saimex s.r.l., based in Seregno, in the Italian province of Monza e Brianza, provides consulting, engineering and research services in the pultrusion process field. Not only that but we are constantly involved in technical research and in studying components to test the quality of the pultruded profiles in order to determine their efficiency in given production contexts. This experimental policy is implemented through our association with Italian universities like the Milan Politecnico and the IUAV University in Venice, as well as international universities such as the Shanghai Polytechnic, developing innovative products like the double flange beams.

We have a highly specialised staff of civil engineers, trained to develop fibreglass pultruded profiles, specified down to the smallest detail, with the primary aim of meeting the wide range of needs that characterise the projects of our customers. At the same time, we have implemented a highly structured consulting service. This aims to define and identify the most suitable type of pultruded profiles for the specific industry also on the basis of the tightness and thermal or electrical insulation required. The true professionalism of the Brianza-based company, together with the experience gained over many years has enabled us to assess and meet the demands of a number of different production areas, including the petroleum and building fields as well the transport industry and the manufacture of door & window frames, rainscreens and curtain walls.

In our research facilities, we constantly study the composite materials enriched with glass or carbon fibre and the pultrusion process, in order to define them according to the benefits they bring and to their quality. We continue to pursue our clear mission to proactively improve the production areas that the constituent parts we handle are adopted in. A number of the studies and publications made by our staff concern the applications of our structural pultruded profiles. Days of study are set aside to focus exclusively on these products.

Our distribution network covers Italy and Europe and when we participate in projects in partnership with international organisations, we also extend outside Europe.

The dynamic nature of our team means we can come into contact with physically distant organisations when it comes to experimental activities that often turn into real practical applications. One of the most successful of these is the partnership with AnsaldoBreda for the construction of the Los Angeles metro.

The innovation and experimentation of Saimex s.r.l. in its pultrusion processes and in its fibreglass profiles is a real strong point of the manufacturing methods we have implemented and, at the same time, aims to expand our know-how in that methodology.

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