Saimex s.r.l., based in Seregno, in the Italian province of Monza e Brianza, provides consulting, engineering and research services in the pultrusion process field. Not only that but we are constantly involved in technical research and in studying components to test the quality of the pultruded profiles in order to determine their efficiency in given production contexts. This experimental policy is implemented through our association with Italian universities like the Milan Politecnico and the IUAV University in Venice, as well as international universities such as the Shanghai Polytechnic, developing innovative products like the double flange beams.

We have a highly specialised staff of civil engineers, trained to develop fibreglass pultruded profiles, specified down to the smallest detail, with the primary aim of meeting the wide range of needs that characterise the projects of our customers. At the same time, we have implemented a highly structured consulting service. This aims to define and identify the most suitable type of pultruded profiles for the specific industry also on the basis of the tightness and thermal or electrical insulation required. The true professionalism of the Brianza-based company, together with the experience gained over many years has enabled us to assess and meet the demands of a number of different production areas, including the petroleum and building fields as well the transport industry and the manufacture of door & window frames, rainscreens and curtain walls.

In our research facilities, we constantly study the composite materials enriched with glass or carbon fibre and the pultrusion process, in order to define them according to the benefits they bring and to their quality. We continue to pursue our clear mission to proactively improve the production areas that the constituent parts we handle are adopted in. A number of the studies and publications made by our staff concern the applications of our structural pultruded profiles. Days of study are set aside to focus exclusively on these products.

Our distribution network covers Italy and Europe and when we participate in projects in partnership with international organisations, we also extend outside Europe.

The dynamic nature of our team means we can come into contact with physically distant organisations when it comes to experimental activities that often turn into real practical applications. One of the most successful of these is the partnership with AnsaldoBreda for the construction of the Los Angeles metro.

The innovation and experimentation of Saimex s.r.l. in its pultrusion processes and in its fibreglass profiles is a real strong point of the manufacturing methods we have implemented and, at the same time, aims to expand our know-how in that methodology.

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Saimex s.r.l. is located in Seregno, the Italian province of Monza e Brianza, and manufactures high and medium strength structural pultruded profiles and bars in composite materials of organic resins reinforced with glass or carbon fibres. This blend of constituent materials provides superior qualities that make for a particularly high-performance product to be used in a number of different production sectors, as an alternative to the traditional models. Our pultrusion process means we can obtain a wide variety of profiles for our extensive catalogue listings, supplemented by custom profiles made to meet the needs of the client. The Brianza-based company also manufactures other parts for use in a wide range of applications and production areas.

Resin sheet piles

The Saimex catalogue of innovative solutions is very extensive and also includes the manufacture of resin sheet piles, which are being widely used to replace traditional sheet piling. These elements are very important in constructions because they are required to guarantee support and containment.

Developed and manufactured to the most innovative design standards, processing of this kind makes it possible to achieve excellent performance and tightness, with the added advantage of being very light, even on contact with water.  At Saimex, we are well aware of the benefits of these constituent materials, which is also why we have entered into a partnership with the IUAV University in Venice to complete a study listing the functional qualities of the pultruded sheet piles in glass fibre, including the fact that our fibreglass sheet piles are up to five times lighter than steel piling.

One advantage of this is a drop in transport costs. Not only that but the composite fibre and carbon materials will not corrode even in contact with water.

The ideal applications for these kinds of sheet piles include the building industry and infrastructures, and our sheet piles are also part of the MOSE flooding protection system in Venice. What’s more, we have developed two different models: Heavy Duty Sheet Piling which can be sunk down to more than 12 metres, and has the same characteristics as steel, and Light Duty Sheet Piling which can be sunk down to 6 metres and replaces wood and PVC piles to create attractive barriers.

 IPE double flange beams

We manufacture fibreglass double flange beams that very effectively develop the characteristics of our structural pultruded profiles.Their double-T shape improves elasticity, making them stable even when placed in torsion and as a result they are particularly suitable for large structures.

These elements can be used for a wide range of different applications, including, in addition to the construction and transport industries, the chemical and physical sector and doors & windows and outside walls, with the proposal of products such as the Isoldeck paving system, gratings, handrails and floorboards, and roof and skirt panels.

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Saimex s.r.l. has its registered offices in the municipality of Seregno, the Italian province of Monza e Brianza and specialises in the manufacture of high and medium strength structural pultruded profiles. Components of this kind are now considered to be more ideal and cost-effective than steel and are preferable to steel in certain industrial areas. Specifically, this method is based on a continuous process of manufacturing composite materials reinforced with glass or carbon fibres. It involves the extrusion of constant cross-sectional and complex profiles pulled through a closed die where the resin undergoes polymerisation, to obtain profiles that provide better guarantees than steel and stainless-steel profiles in certain fields of application. Several benefits can be obtained, including customisation and, subsequently, the repeatability and reproducibility of each product.  Moreover, despite the slow machining and manufacturing process, less energy is required for this than to make the same profiles in aluminium.

Many years of experience and specific expertise in the pultrusion process have enabled the Brianza-based company to stand out in terms of the use of cutting-edge structural elements, which offer higher performance and resistance standards than those generally provided by traditional materials. We have a staff of highly competent civil engineers working in our innovative testing facilities who specialise in research into composite materials. They can develop and offer the most innovative solutions aimed at:

  • improving the performance of pultruded bars, profiles, sheet piles, IPE double flange beams and the Decksystem Plank panels that we manufacture;
  • identifying and testing new composite materials and new fibres;
  • exploring the characteristics of the materials and testing their resistance thresholds

Our wide range of proposals has made it possible for us to forge associations and partnerships with transport and public transit companies in Italy and abroad that are looking for products to boost the reliability and safety of their vehicles and trains. This is exactly what our fibreglass pultruded parts provide, with the additional guarantee of electrical insulation. We also work with the building industry for the supply of rainscreen cladding and curtain walls, where the fibreglass pultrusions assure thermal insulation.

In addition to our comprehensive range of products, we have also succeeded in consolidating our position across national borders, establishing ourselves in countries such as the United States through the supply of assembly components to the Los Angeles metro trains.

Still, the Saimex s.r.l mission is also to disseminate the results of our research throughout the academic field.

From the outset, the quality of our solutions triggered the approval of a growing number of customers who approached us because they recognise our professionalism and dedication to the processing methods adopted.

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The use of pultruded profiles is becoming increasingly widespread both for solutions in the private building sector and constructions in the aeronautical and petroleum sector. In all this it is useful to keep it together the advantages that can derive from choosing the pultruded profiles. They are now being used very extensively as solutions for replacing steel, in order to build shelters.

Whether small-sized shelters are built or much wider shelters have been chosen, such as those that can be seen in railway stations, the context does not change. For sure there is a substantial improvement in pultruded profiles that will be appreciated, as far as the resistance to atmospheric agents is concerned. This is essential to pursue overall efficiency, when designing a shelter which is by its very nature much exposed to the elements.

Among the advantages of pultruded profiles for the construction of shelters there is also lightness that can be appreciated especially if you opt for fiberglass profiles, about five times lighter than steel.

It should not be overlooked the possibility to manage everything, including a minor maintenance which will bring about a cheaper price. Furthermore, it is possible to choose a final colour easily. This is an important advantage for a shelter, a structure that should harmonize with the environment irrespective of its size, when using pultruded fiberglass profiles.

Steel has run its course with regard to many solutions, as well as the construction of shelters that can be set up thanks to pultruded profiles, keeping efficiency at the forefront, which ranges from a easier handling on the construction site to the possibility of managing the structure in the fastest and easiest way, without the need for all maintenance operations that it is instead required by steel.

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Pultruded profiles have been started to be used in the building sector for some time now, but also for the construction of infrastructures related to the oil and railway sector. Steel has been replaced by pultruded profiles, because their durability is longer, but also for whatever it may concern the lightness, the aesthetics and ease of management on the construction site. In this regard, it is good to specify something in relation to the cut mode of pultruded profiles.

When working on a construction site and there is the need of manipulating a pultruded profile by cutting or boring it, the reference to be considered are diamond blades. Having said this, a basic specification is necessary to understand how is it possible to handle pultruded profiles in practical terms and exploit all the advantages compared to steel, we can go deeper into the details of other technical specifications, by pointing out that pultruded profiles can’t be neither bent nor curved.

With a sigma under tension corresponding to 240 Mpa, pultruded profiles have been designed for specific calculation programs, always starting with orthotropic data. When speaking about technical features of pultruded profilesand cutting mode it’s important to remember their resistance when using diamond blades. At this regard it is possible to make reference to data corresponding to 3000 Mpa.

The pultruded profile is a brittle material for all intents and purposes,but able to withstand extreme temperatures. In this case it’s possible to have a range included between – 40°C and +180°C. When taking into consideration the thermal insulation, a peculiarity that determines the success of pultruded profiles compared to steel, it is possible to gain a full picture describing the revolution that the pultruded profile has been brought to many sectors with considerable advantages both for the work of designers and for the end user who has to bear the costs and for the environment.

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Designers dealing with the construction of aesthetic barriers must take into account various aspects. First of all the choice of materials. We also must think in the long term, opting for solutions that ensure good durability over time and can save with regard to the maintenance and handling on the construction site.

The interest towards sustainability and the need to optimize costs without sacrificing quality have determined the success of pultruded sheet piles that have been preferred for some time now by designers who would like to exceed the natural limits of steel, for example the major maintenance and an unpleasant aesthetics characterized by a need of bringing into play a double and even in some cases a triple chamber.

Thanks to their lightness and possible management without bringing into play excessive maintenance activities, pultruded sheet piles are suitable for this purpose. However, it is essential to choose the right sheet piles on the basis of various needs, in order to make the most of the potential.

The use of pultruded sheet piles is linked to a very wide range of sectors. Among requirements to be met, there is also the construction of aesthetic barriers, a situation in which pultruded sheet piles are also an advantageous opportunity of choosing the right colours.

Sheet piles can be used for insertions up to 6 meters for the construction of aesthetic barriers – contexts where it is not necessary to determine large bearing capacities. In this specific case, when speaking about pultruded sheet piles have been designed with the specific purpose of replacing sheet pilesmade of wood or PVC rather than of steel. Two materials that can be surpassed by the performance of light pultruded sheet piles, to be easily handled on a construction siteand excellent for the visual quality and harmonization with the surrounding environment for constructions so important.

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When speaking about pultrusion process and going into technical details, it is necessary to consider the thermosetting resins with which are impregnated reinforcing fibers placed into a pre-mould. One of the best-performing resin is certainly epoxy resin. What are the main characteristics of these thermosetting resins? It is worth remembering that cold reaction is among the most important characteristics. To understand specifically how the epoxy resin acts, it should also be noted that the formulated product is characterized by the presence of two components. More precisely we speak about a basic resin, known by the technical name component A and a hardened resin, known by the technical name component B.

The said resins, mixed together, create a vitrified polished layer. This can be managed choosing customized colours, an important advantage with regards to the construction of aesthetic barriers that have to be adapted to the environment at visual level in which they are inserted.

The advantage is directly linked to the use of epoxy resin rather than that of polyester and it should not be overlooked. Why is the first one preferred? For the simple reason that distinguishing physical features are higher and the reaction times are shorter.

The injection of epoxy resins which distinguishes the impregnation process of reinforcing fibers occurs in an open tank. Another possible solution is that of the direct injection process. To go into further details, we can remember that the said reinforcing resins are placed into a pre-mould, taking into account all the information relevant to the end profile.

After impregnation in an open tank reinforcing fibers are conveyed to the steel mould by a hauling process.

In all this, to improve the end result, a computerized system is adopted to monitor the process of polymerization in every single phase, including everything related to the moving phase of profile.

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The application of fiberglass profiles brings into play a very broad scope. When speaking about advantages given by fiberglass pultruded profiles both at high and medium load-bearing capacity, are part of many solutions, among which the choice of custom-made fiberglass profiles is included.

To give details on peculiarities in a clear manner, in this case we get into the field of railway infrastructure, considering the importance of installing safe electrical conduits, sustainable from an economic point of view and long lasting. Speaking about advantages given by the use of custom-made fiberglass profiles to produce electrical conduits, it means to remember first of all a low electrical conductivity, as well as lightness and stability.

These features represent a remarkable turning point in comparison with steel performance, a material which is still widely used within the private building, but also when it comes to production of electrical conduitsfor rail transport infrastructure and not only.

It is possible to make a qualitative leap with custom-made fiberglass profiles –cut with diamond blades to obtain the required sizes from time to time – and appreciate significant improvements of electrical insulation, but also from the point of view of corrosion resistance and atmospheric agents.

Therefore, custom-made fiberglass profiles are not only a guarantee of security for the entire electrical system, but also a solution allowing you to save more money, thanks to a useful life of the main material which is absolutely inconceivable, if you use steel.

Personalization of fiberglass profiles offers added value of which is impossible to ignore. When speaking about infrastructures of large sizes is essential to have the opportunity to work, taking into account details and customize elements of the electrical system, such as conduitsthat can be appreciated for their really interesting final result, when they are made of fiberglass profiles.

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The oil sector is a field where it is possible to put very interesting technical innovations in the foreground, exceeding traditional materials in quality which are outdated from the point of view of qualitative performances and service life.

How to innovate? Making use of pultruted profiles and fiberglass gratingsis a valid solution in this regard. Speaking about their role within the oil sector means considering a fundamental aspect in relation to sustainability of naval engineering feats that, since when pultruted profiles and fiberglass gratings began to be successful on the market, have been involved in a turning point with regard to resistance against corrosive agents, resistance against corrosive agents, ease of handling on a construction site and resistance against corrosive agents.

Before going into the details, it is useful to remember that fiberglass gratingsare particularly suitable not only for oil platforms, but also for desalination plants. These cases are connected to situations in which the excessive influence of corrosive agents makes difficult, if not impossible, the use of metallic materials.

Therefore, pultruted fiberglass gratings have become a very valid solution to overcome obstacles and save considerably from the point of view of maintenance costs. This implies an expenditure optimization.

When dealing with extremely high load capacities – in general higher than 2,000 kg – is necessary to make reference to fiberglass gratings,whose composition is characterized by a percentage of fiberglass equivalent or higher to 70%.

In this case it is possible to appreciate benefits not only from the point of view of resistance, but also with regard to handling, which is decidedly easier than with what it is possible to find out when dealing with metallic materials.

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When designing windows and doors it is necessary to take into account various details. Among them, fire resistance is included. Safety is no longer considered as a less important aspect when designing the details of the dwelling, The only reason why it is becoming widespread the choice of fiberglass standard profiles, a solution that ensures a good result compared to that of steel.

This applies to many cases. Fiberglass standard profiles are a very valid option, as far as aesthetics and thermal insulation– is essential to obtain CasaClima certifications– as well as fire resistance are concerned.

This aspect is essential when it comes to construction quality, the reason why it is so important to inquire about precise technical data concerning fiberglass standard profiles and fire resistance.

In this regard it is worth remembering that fiberglass pultruded standard profiles are considered to be ASTM 84 UL<25fireproof products. This technical data helps us to get a complete picture on pultruded and fiberglass standard profiles as a choice allowing to make a qualitative leap compared to steel solutions that still dominate many alternatives for designers.

However, it is important to take a first step and change things, remembering that fiberglass pultruded profiles can be both standard and personalized ones with non-slip finish, which does not change their fire resistance in any way.

Besides lightness and the fact that, unlike steel, the installation of fiberglass standard profiles do not need a double and triple chamber, the aspect of aesthetic customization is very interesting, as well.

Fire-resistant fiberglass standard profiles – however, very important  – is, therefore, only one of many benefits given by the use of a sustainable and efficient solution which is perfect for windows and doors intended to last a long time and able to ensure maximum comfort.

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